BA Contemporary Visual Culture (formerly Visual and Critical Studies)

This programme will provide you with up-to-date histories and theories of visual culture; methods of research; practical skills of documentation in new media and; real-world experience in sectors that cater to the public mediation of art and design.

Taught in the practice-based environment of the Dublin School of Creative Arts, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary processes of art and design. The programme and staff will enable you to develop excellent skills in the academic articulation of visual and textual research and the professional competencies necessary to promote visual culture today.

In each of the three years of the programme, you avail of a discipline history of your choice: Fine Art, Visual Communication or Interior & Furniture Design. You will also study core and optional modules in contemporary theories of visual culture outlining the roles of art and design in contemporary culture including: philosophy; psychology; theories of gender and cultural identity; aesthetics; theories of exhibition; language and culture. The programme culminates in the presentation of a thesis developed from a self-directed study interest.

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  • BA Honours Level 8
  • Duration 3 Years

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Researchers on visual and material culture,
audience advocates,
exhibition planners,
project archivists,
cultural policy advisors,
research developers,
and cultural journalists: critics,
writers and broadcasters for publications and popular media of visual culture.

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