BA Creative and Cultural Industries

If you are interested in managing a theatre company, running an art gallery, organising an arts festival or promoting a new music venue then the BA in  Creative and Cultural Industries is for you. Uniquely this programme offers a very wide range of business, management, law and event management subjects combined with cultural theory, media studies,art and design theory, languages and musicology and prepares graduates for a career in the  rapidly expanding creative and cultural industry sector. A special feature of the programme is that you will share a range of modules with students from art,design,media,theatre and music.

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  • BA Honours Level 8
  • Duration 3 Years

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This BA programme will prepare graduates for work in the cultural/creative sector.  Career opportunities include:

Employment in creative management in arts and media, artists and repertory (A&R), advertising, publishing, design, agent work, criticism, media production, festival management etc. concert promoter ,cinema manager

Further study in Law, Journalism, Creative Digital Media, Advertising, Art, Design, Arts Administration, Public Relations, Business and Marketing etc.

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