Fine Art

01 - 10 June DIT Grangegorman

DIT students of Fine Art will exhibit their final year work at the 2017 Graduate Exhibition which opens in DIT Grangegorman on Thursday 01 June.  Making A Show will be open to the public from 01 - 10 June, providing a perfect opportunity to see the work of emerging artists and designers.  Here's a brief preview of some of the artists' work:


Ellen Molloy explores the postpartum period of parenting and domesticity through repetitive processes of folding, sewing and knitting 


Kevin Smith is the writer, director and lead actor in Love in Technicolour, an ambitious and visually rich film that explores social ritual, masculinity and fragility. 


Catherine Butler creates three-dimensional GIFs of body fragments in endless loops that are simultaneously psychedelic and neurotic.


Claire Tobin Dunne’s enigmatic sculptures in fabric draw on ideas from Shamanism to evoke notions of protection and healing, absence and isolation.