Fine Art Year 3 Exhibition Sympoetic; a shared together

Sympoetic; a shared together

Farmleigh’s Cowshed Gallery. 22nd - 25th of March 2018.

Gallery opening hours are 10am - 5pm daily.

The Third Year Fine Art students from DIT’s Dublin School of Creative Arts present a group exhibition of works that, rather than having a specific thematic, reflects their diverse research interests and artistic outputs.


In the year 600 BC in Athens, Greece, the day lets out the final sigh of light over a weary city. Inside the atrium of the shrine to the muses, a small group of artists and philosophers finish the last of the meal they shared together. The conversation has turned to matters philosophical. The eldest of the group, Protea, declares to the gathering that the most true form of altruism can be shown through art. This is met with an echo of murmurs throughout the room. She continues that throughout her life as an artist, she has been met with various temptations of glory, fame and commerce, but in travelling through these guises she reflects back to the core of her abilities. To create, and to share this generously with the world is the sole purpose of the artist. She tells a story of crafting a figure in sand as a child, and the memory of the look of joy on her sister’s face upon seeing it. This, she argues, is why we create, to share ourselves with humanity. A younger sculptor, Momus, cuts over her words with disagreement, stating that art is a reflection of humanity and thus is flawed, as we are. The artist is no different, he spits, to the corrupt ruler or the butcher. Cronos, a quiet and reserved architect explains that in his view, to be born with talent is a gift from the gods and therefore art’s function is to imitate the sublime. He smiles kindly and retreats back into his chair. A group of philosophers frown from the edge of the table. One of this collection, Athena, in contrast to the majority of the room, seems to find the events quite jovial. She states that the conversation is ironically very much connected with generosity between people, in sharing ideas they are giving to one another wisdom, each idea containing fragments of truth that make up the mosaic that is art. Protea smiles wisely. The tension in the room dissipates, grins are exchanged between previously darkened faces. Cronos stands and proposes a toast; ‘To create is to give’. The laughter and clinking of glasses fades out into the night.


Creative text written by Lucy Tevlin


Artists : Mikaila Beirnes , Audrey Bertie, Yvonne Corrigan, Sarah Coxon, Ellen Duffy, Aine Farrelly, Emma Griffiin, Charlotte Hunt, Inguna Mainule, Rachel Melvin,  Leah Millar, Kate Murphy, Thomas McCarthy, Magda Oleksiewicz, Sean Prendergast, Julie Ray Larkin, Nicole Reddin, Rozalia Relea, Katie Ann Staniford, Lucy Tevlin, Paul White.