First-year type design exhibition selected for the 100 Archive—Ireland’s Graphic Design Archive.

The ‘Fun Fonts’ exhibition of first-year Visual Communication letterforms has been selected for inclusion on the 100 Archive website—Ireland’s graphic design archive. Peer recognition of student work at this early stage in their careers is an unusual and significant achievement.

Curated and designed by Brenda Dermody and Louise Reddy the exhibition presents over 80 letterforms developed by 39 students working in the design studios, printmaking and 3D workshops. The works on display include an edition of silk-screened postcards, adhesive vinyl letters, laser cut card letters, and an exquisite set of laser-cut acrylic characters displayed in custom-made vitrines, all produced on campus.

The work is generated from the Design Process: Typography and Design Applications modules. This project is designed to introduce students to some of the facilities and equipment in the DSCA. Using analogue means—papercuts and drawing—students investigate the design and construction of letterforms and develop an awareness of the visual grammar of type design. Their letters are digitally recreated, refined and reproduced in a broad range of media. Many thanks to the following staff: Anthony Collins, Mark Ennis, Andrew Horan, Liam Sharkey, Peter Maybury and John Walsh for their help and expertise.

The Fun Fonts exhibition is currently on display in the NH 108, North House, Grangegorman as part of the TU Dublin event: A Celebration of Creativity, Technology and Talent, sponsored by Intel.


  • exhibition image prints and acrylic detail
  • fun fonts exhibition acrylic image
  • exhibition image cardboard detail
  • exhibition image acrylic detail