Resolutions: Film Screening at the Lighthouse Cinema

RESOLUTIONS: Film Screening at the Lighthouse Cinema 

Thursday 21st February 

10:00am and 11:00am


Resolutions: An inter-disciplinary collaborative film project between

BA Visual Communication and Fine Art students, Dublin School of Creative Arts, TU Dublin

Lecturers: Peter Maybury and Barbara Knezevic


There is now widespread access to devices that produce images for instant consumption, and increasing access to devices that can

produce images of cinematic 4K quality. What does it mean as creative practitioners to produce film or video work in an era when

everyone can be a producer of content on personal devices? What does it mean to be a viewer of moving images, online, on

smartphones, on tablets, laptops, TVs, the cinema, when we are surrounded by and have easy access to viewing moving images on

demand? How does this change the meaning of the moving images we consume? What does this mean for authorship and

spectatorship? What does it mean for the quality of images and how we understand moving images when they can be endlessly

uploaded, zipped, downloaded, torrented, and accessed from anywhere by anyone at anytime?


Second year students across Fine Art and Visual Communication  collaborated to produce a series of films responding to the notion of Resolutions. 


Please join us to view their film works.