Daniel Rooney

Masters Student


Daniel is currently completing a Masters degree in Visual and Critical Studies at the Dublin School of Creative Arts.

"Studying for the BA in Visual and Critical Studies (Contemporary Visual Culture) at D.I.T, presented me with an excellent opportunity to engage my main areas of interest such as aesthetics, philosophy and film theory for example. The course is highly engaging as well as being both meticulously detailed, with regard to coursework and readings, and open enough so as to have each student weave their own path through the work, focusing on their own specific interests. 

The course also provided access to a network of contacts through both its series of guest lecturers and the opportunities granted via engagements in various institutions including the IFI, NIVAL and so on. For example, the research undertaken at the IFI led to my first published work surrounding the Horgan collection in the Institute's archives. The course also provided an opportunity for us, as a class, to organise our own conference at which we each presented research surrounding iterations of horror in visual culture – which again highlights how open the course trajectory is.

Currently my MA research has followed a similar trajectory as that undertaken during the BA focusing primarily on the emergent Black Metal Theory, combining my aforementioned areas of interest in an investigation of the role of horror, mythologies and avant-garde practice in heavy metal music." 

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