David Ingoldsby

MPhil Graduate

David Ingoldsby

Since graduating, David has completed an MPhil in Film Studies - Theory, History, Practice at Trinity College Dublin.

"After 40 years working in IT, the BA opened a new way of looking at and understanding the visual culture with which we are surrounded. As a result of the course, I see the possibility of changing careers to one which will combine what I learned in BAVACS and my IT skills.  

I’ve completed a Masters at Trinity: the M Phil in Film Studies - Theory, History & Practice. It is a taught post-graduate qualification. It is assessed by course work – essays, a practical exercise (in my case, a screenplay) – and a dissertation.  The BA course was an excellent grounding for this, since BAVACS was assessed in the same way (apart from the screenplay). It developed exactly the academic writing and referencing skills I needed. In addition, the skills of close analysis and interpretation of visual culture, and an awareness of the intellectual currents and aesthetic concerns relating to visual culture, which I got from BAVACS, helped me greatly.

I’m at present researching the life and work of the Irish-American director John Flynn."