Tess Leak


Tess’ art practice centres around installations of drawings, sound, collage, text and objects. She graduated from the B.A. in Visual Art on Sherkin Island in 2009 with first class honours and was shortlisted for the Emerging Visual Artist award the following year. She has since collaborated with a boat-builder, song-writer, sound-recordist and with diverse groups in her work with the West Cork Arts Centre’s Arts for Health and Schools programmes.

In 2012, Tess and artist Marie Brett curated The Museum of Miniaturefor the Skibbereen Arts Festival which incorporated artworks from 142 local, national and international artists.

Tess was recently awarded an Arts Bursary from Cork County Council enabling her to work with sound recordists Tadhg O’Sullivan and John Brennan on two West Cork Islands to develop the installation Field Recordings for a Resurrection Machine.