Dr. Glenn Loughran


Glenn Loughran is an Artist and a Lecturer in Fine Art at the Dublin Institute of Creative Arts and Media (DIT). He is also programme director on the B.A in Visual Art (B.A.V.A) on Sherkin Island. Originally from Belfast, N.Ireland, Loughran has studied Art and Design at The Ulster  University (1991), Dun Laoghaire College of Art Design Technology (Diploma / 2002), Fine Art Painting at the National College of Art and Design (B.A / 2003), Sculpture at N.C.A.D (M.A / 2005),  and  a  doctorate  at  the  N.C.A.D/Graduate  School  Of  Creative  Arts  and  Media  (GradCAM) (2012).
Throughout  this  educational  trajectory  he  worked  across  two  fields  of  practice;  one  as  an  educator working within the framework of informal education, the other as an artist working within  the  framework  of  Participatory  Art.  The  experiences  of  informal  education  were  developed  in  disadvantaged  communities  throughout  Dublin,  and  were  influenced  by discourses on Critical Pedagogy. The experiences of artistic practice were developed in ‘void’ urban  spaces,  and  were  influenced  by  interventionist  art  practices  and  post-­-structuralist  theories on the everyday. Recent work has developed hybrid forms of artistic research at the intersection  between  pedagogical  process  and  artistic  intervention,  such  as  thehedgeschoolproject  (2006  –  12). 

He  has  exhibited  Nationally  (2006  –  16)  and Internationally  at  the  Lithuanian  Biennale  (2010)  Mattress  Factory  (2012)  A-­-Venue  Gothenburg, Sweden (2016). He has also presented on artistic research and pedagogy at the Venice  Biennale (2009),   International  Standing  Conference  on  Popular  Education, Utrecht  (2010),  The  Creative  Time  Summit,  Venice  Biennale  (2014),  European  Educational  Research Association, UCD, Dublin (ECER/2016), Sibelius University, Helsinki (2016). He has written for Encore Review, published a book chapter on Art and Education (Granville, 2012), on artistic research at ‘Documenta 13’ (2012) and developed a collaborative Socially Engaged Art  newspaper  with  the  Stockyard  Institute,  Chicago,  Titled:  Transactions  1#.  (2015).  Currently, he is working on a series of research events and installations through the Oliver Bond Public Archive, with the Robert Emmet Community Development Project (2016 – 17). This work will be extended throughout 2017.

  • Lectures on Fine Art