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Dr. Thuy Dinh is Senior Research Assistant at Centre for Social and Educational Research, Dublin Institute of Technology. She holds a PhD in Sociology from University of Essex, UK (2009) where she studied the pattern of maternity care in impoverished socio-economic settings. She has been engaged with various research projects related to children, families and communities in Asia and Europe in last 15 years. In last five years, she was working on a number of European projects through the “Digital Childhoods” program at the Centre for Social and Educational Research (DIT). This programme involves exploration of children’s use of the internet, identifying patterns of use, as well as potential risks and opportunities technology provides. The programme includes a number of projects where she was involved in a whole range of project’s activities spanning the desk review, the implementation of fieldwork and the data analysis process. Her research interests have focused on children, young people and their use of the Internet to ensure their on-line safety, without impeding their right to digital opportunities. She is co-author of various papers, reports and articles on children’s use of the internet, online risk and opportunities. These publications support statutory agencies in development of national policy, as well as partnership with corporate bodies on the ethical and social responsibilities to ensure online safety of children.