CPD Diploma In Professional Cookery - Stage 1-3

DT432D (PT) Professional Cookery Stage 1

DT6432 (PT) Professional Cookery Stage 2

DT6433 (PT) Professional Cookery Stage 3


Other CPD opportunities - Please contact the school office to submit expressions of interest for CPD modules.

Please note:

There are additional costs to be incurred for the purchase of uniforms and knives which are required for practical modules, Bar/Kitchen/Restaurant/Laboratory modules.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme

Fáilte from our Head of School

Culinary arts and food technology embraces the bar, bakery, hospitality and food product development industries and offers tremendous opportunities for suitably qualified people to attain senior positions both in Ireland and internationally as bar managers, restaurateurs, bakers, chefs, and entrepreneurs.  Our students and graduates increasingly find that there are also positions available in the media, teaching, education, research, food writing, and food product innovation to name but a few.

The School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology is an integral part of TU Dublin; a comprehensive higher educational institute providing programmes in arts, science, engineering, technology, and business at undergraduate and postgraduate level.  

Many of our prospective have heavy workloads or other commitments which limit the amount of time for attendance at college.  To facilitate this growing number of people the School of Culinary Arts offers a wide variety of modules from its full time suite of programmes on a part-time continuing professional development (CPD) basis.  Successful completion of a module qualifies the student for a Certificate in Professional Development as well as gaining/banking valuable European Credits (ECTs).  In this manner and over a period of time, a student can in addition to obtaining valuable credentials, build his/her qualifications and European Credits towards a degree should they so wish.

Wishing you every success in your future studies,

Dr. Frank Cullen, Head of School
School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology


CPD Modules - General Details

Entry Requirements:

No previous experience is required for entry level modules. Advanced level modules may have pre-requisite modules or equivalents and relevant industry experience requirements. Applications for exemptions or the recognition of prior learning (RPL) will be considered on a case by case basis.


Subject to demand the modules will be offered in a flexible format that may include: a morning, afternoon or one evening per week for one semester (12 weeks approx.) Class contact hours may vary from 24 to 60 hours depending on the individual module.

Programme Fees:

Programme fees may vary depending on the duration and class materials required. Please be advised there may be additional costs to be incurred for uniforms and knives on these programmes. 


Certificate in Continuing Professional Development of TU Dublin with the appropriate module title. Students who successfully complete the examinations will be considered for exemption from the equivalent subject on the relevant degree programme.

For additional information on how to apply/enrol contact:

Jackie Rigney & Fiona Lee, 
School Secretaries
Tel: +3531-402-4344/4340
Email: scaft@dit.ie


All modules are offered subject to the level of demand and availability of facilities.  Please note that in addition to this list, other modules may be available.

For a complete listing of modules offered in the School of Culinary Arts, visit the Programme/Module Code webpage.

Other CPD opportunities - Please contact the school office to submit expressions of interest for CPD modules