INSPIRED Funding in Action

Capital Support

The School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology (SCAFT) strive to keep our academic facilities efficient and cutting-edge, our learning environment comfortable and safe, and enhance our public spaces. Proposed capital projects include the development of a Centre of Excellence for Culinary Arts and Food Product Development, Centre of Excellence of Bakery and Pastry Arts and a Centre of Excellence for Gastronomic Research, to achieve this vision the Schools requires the ongoing kitchen, restaurant, bar and Bakery laboratories and classroom enhancements at our existing location in Cathal Brugha Street and going forward in our new Grangegorman campus planned for 2020. Precisely because education is a national challenge, improving it requires a national commitment. We must apply all of our best talents and include all sectors of society. Clearly, the problems faced by education cannot be fully addressed by government administrators alone. Therefore, the School needs your support.

By enhancing the culinary student experience, we strengthen our students’ potential — and this can only happen if we keep improving, expanding, and updating our knowledge base and facilities. Your participation in a capital project such as maintaining a kitchen, restaurant, bakery or our training bar will help us realise our vision to provide the best education possible. For convenience, you can make a gift on-line or contact the School office.

Programme Support

Our students pursue higher certificate, undergraduate and graduate degrees in Professional cookery, Culinary Arts, Culinary Entrepreneurship, Bar Management and Entrepreneurship, Bakery and Pastry Arts, and Culinary Innovation and Food Product Development. In each case the School’s blend of practical and theoretical modules is the key to a unique student experience that facilitates knowledge transferability and adoptability on our bar, bakery and culinary programmes that bring about a focused path to employability and career success.

Education needs to become a central pillar of Ireland's economic, political, and social strategy. Inspired by an expectation to create a new vision for the future of culinary education the School has focused on a transformational improvement in education, at all levels, using an action-oriented and collaborative approach that acknowledges the value of the Food and Beverage industries. In keeping with this strategic goal, we continue to develop and maintain programmes that are in demand, innovative, informed by industry, academically challenging, and that are rich in experiential opportunities via the Schools learning environment and our global internship programmes.

The School embraces a learning environment that stimulates the students’ abilities and programmes that inspire them to achieve their goals. We invite alumni, friends, foundations, and corporations to support these important efforts. For your convenience, you can support us by making a donation online (to be set-up soon). School Sponsorship options include:

  • New equipment for our kitchens, restaurants, bar or bakeries.
  • Module Sponsorship
  • Food and Beverage Product Sponsorship
  • Programme chairs, teaching professorships, and other endowed academic opportunities
  • Competition, industry visits, educational bursaries and other student activities.

The SCAFT student experience is career-focused, industry-relevant, and rich in hands-on learning opportunities. But to continue this unique and empowering education experience, we need the entire industry and society to get involved. Through efforts such as supporting teaching, student mentoring and hands –on-practice you have the ability to foster change in our students' personal and professional growth.

For convenience, you can make a gift on-line (to be set-up) or for corporate contact the School office.

School Scholarship Awards

At SCAFT, our goal is to provide students with the highest quality career education and a full educational experience yet make it all as accessible as possible. The School Scholarship scheme offers opportunities for alumni, parents, and friends to help us put our students on the path to success. Higher Culinary Education is a passport to both inclusion and opportunity, yet too many of our young people in Ireland today will not have that opportunity to access that passport and will be deprived of these opportunities because of the actions of financial constraints. We must apply all of our best talents and include all sectors of society. Clearly, the problems faced by education cannot be fully addressed by government administrators alone because of the financial difficulties. You can support a full or part Scholarship Award. Support for a full Scholarship will cost €10,000 per year and will be named after the individual supporter or company and will be posted on the School Website.