Pauline Danaher


Pauline is an educational and industry specialist in food, cookery and molecular gastronomy. Pauline regularly attends the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery ( and in 2010 designed and produced the Gala Irish Banquet along with Pádraig Óg Gallagher and Dave Power for over two hundred of the world’s leading chefs, food writers, culinary historians, academics, scientists, and general foodies. ( ).

Most recently, Pauline has joined together with Dr Roisin Burke and Culinary Arts student alumni David Smith and Sean Meehan to participate in 'Edible at Trinity College Dublin' creating an innovative molecular dining experience based on Irish grown produce, further showing its history and biodiversity. This event was held in conjunction with Natalie Jeremijenko, Associate Professor of Visual Art and Director of xDesign Environmental Health Clinic at New York University.

Currently Pauline is completing her master of science degree in Food Product Development and Culinary Innovation.  Her thesis will focus on the course content of hot kitchen modules within the DITs undergraduate programme in the School of Culinary Arts.