Dr. Kathleen Farrell


Dr. Kathleen Farrell works as a lecturer in food entrepreneurship and management at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, DIT. A group of her enterprise students won the Bolton Trust Enterprise Competition.  She has served as programme chair of the BA in Culinary Arts for three years and contributes to curriculum development at undergraduate level and to the MSc in Culinary Innovation and Food Product Development. She has supervised many undergraduate and Masters’ thesei and at the moment is in the process of supervising a PhD student.

Her work experience includes working in the hospitality industry for some years, hospitality training, teaching and lecturing. She obtained a Masters in Business Studies (MBS) specialising in tourism in 1999 and  a PhD in 2007, both from the Smurfit Business School, University College Dublin. She contributes to both national and international conferences. Her research interests include work-life harmony, entrepreneurship education and artisan entrepreneurship.

Human resource issues in the hospitality industry

Work-life balance


Current Research Projects

 Working on two journal articles related to work flexibility and work-life balance for a human resource journal and a hospitality management journal







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