Diarmuid Cawley


Diarmuid Cawley is the Wine & Beverage lecturer in the School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology. He also lectures in Professional Cookery. Diarmuid’s original discipline is culinary based having worked as a professional chef for almost 15 years. An award winning sommelier and Certified with the Court of Master Sommeliers, he is also registered as an Official Sherry Educator.

He holds a BA in Culinary Arts from DIT and an MA in Anthropology of Food from SOAS in the University of London, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Third Level Learning and Teaching from the LTTC in DIT.

He is currently pursuing a PhD in the Power and Influence of Wine Writing through the tropes of ‘gender’ and ‘terroir’.

Diarmuid in interested in the paths connecting the global movement of food and the complex historical and political background associated with it. He is also keenly interested in the academic area of Gastronomy/Food Studies. His areas of research have included Food Security in Conflict Zones; Gastronomic Food Heritage; UNESCO’s Intangible Food Heritage and the Influence of Nutrition and Time on Contemporary Food Consumption.

Dublin Gastronomy Symposium

Cawley, D. (2014). Food, the Nutritional Product that Fuels the Passing of Time: How Time and Nutrition Transformed Eating into Refuelling.

Dublin Gastronomy Symposium

Cawley, D. (2016). Quiet Revolutions: Food Security and Power in West Belfast, 1969-1998.