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Exams Services

Service Description Cost


When a student requests to have their work re-checked the examiner goes back over the students paper and re-totals the marks allocated to ensure they are correct. 

The paper is not re-read with and no change is made to the original allocation of marks. The totalling of the marks is simply re-checked. 

Requests for re-check should be make within 3 days of viewing of script by filling the attached form.

€15 Eur Per Module 


When a student requests to have their work re-marked the examiner will re-read the exam paper and make amendements to the original marks where appropriate.

This may mean that the final result will increase or decrease.  Request for re-mark should be made within 5 days of viewing a script or 2 days of a re-check. 

€60- Eur per Module


The General Assessment Regulations (second edition 2009, latest revision April 2014), among other things, make provision for an appeal by a candidate against a decision of the Progression & Award Board on the grounds specified in para 14.2.


(i) That the General Examination Regulations of the Institute have not been properly implemented.

(ii) That circumstances exist which may not have been specifically covered by the Regulations.

(iii) That there is new, attested, documented and relevant information, that was not made available to the Examination Board for justifiable reason, and therefore not considered.

Time frame for Submission of Appeal:

An appeal must be lodged with the relevant Examinations Officer or College Manager within seven working days of the date scheduled for the viewing of the examination script accompanied by a fee of €75.00.

An Appeals Eligibility Sub-Group [see par. 14.4.2 for membership] shall convene to determine whether there are valid grounds for appeal under the Regulations and shall bring a recommendation in relation to the eligibility/ineligibility of the application to an Appeals Panel. If it is considered there are no valid grounds for appeal this shall be communicated to the appellant by the Quality Assurance &Academic Programme Records Office within seven working days of the decision being taken.

Please note that the fee will be refunded only in the event that an appeal is deemed to be successful.

Registration for Following Academic Year:

In the event that an appeal has not been heard prior to the commencement of the academic year, the appellant may apply for temporary registration and attend classes pending the outcome of the appeal.

If the appeal is not upheld the temporary registration shall terminate [see par. 14.4.2].


Submit a Personal Circumstance Form

Click here for form

It is the responsibility of every students to provide to the Examinations Office any information concerning personal circumstances, which they believe may affect or have affected their performance, and which they wish the Examination Board to consider.  Except in very exceptional circumstances [see section 14.2 (3)] information of this nature shall not be considered if presented after the Examination Board meeting.  A Personal Circumstances form, must be supported by independent authoritative evidence, completed and returned to the Examinations Office.  It is the student’s responsibility to provide such evidence.

Situations that the PC1 Form should not be used include:  Reporting Quality Assurance Issues, Complaining about general work pressure, Informing the College of Personal Disruptions (Holidays / Weddings etc), Informing the College about Financial Constraints, Making excuses for missing assessments / Examinations / deadlines, Complaining about tight deadlines, Reporting the unavailability / breakdown of equipment, technology etc., Complaining about lecturing standards. 

The form supported by independent authoritative evidence must be completed and returned to the Examinations Office within the following timescales:

(i)   In the case of course work and attendance at mandatory classes, the deadline for submitting a Personal Circumstances form is normally not later than two working days after the scheduled hand-in date for the assignment

(ii)  In the case of Examinations, the completed form should be submitted normally not later than two working days after the last Examination taken

Further information on these events are covered by the procedures as laid out in the General Assessment Regulations for Personal Circumstances, Rechecks, Remarks and Appeals.  

No Charge 

Application to Defer Assessment/Exam/Project

A. If an application for deferral of an assessment is made by a candidate not later the one month prior to scheduled date for that assessment, then the Head of School, or nominee, may approve such a deferral without penalty.

B. If an application for a deferral of assessment is made by a candidate within one month prior to the scheduled date for that assessment, then the Head of School, or nominee may approve the deferral only in exceptional circumstances.


No Charge