A student that has approval to be exempt from a module must register for the module and is entitled to a 50% discount in the exempted module fee . Exemption discounts are subject to a maximum discount of 25% of the total tuition fee. No discount is available in respect of student contribution charge/registration fees.

Students must complete a ‌Module Exemption Application Form ‌and have it approved by their Head of School. Once approved it should be forwarded to the Fees and Income Office by the School to apply any financial discount applicable.

Students should note a number of important points with regard to the exemption policy

1. Exemption discounts do not apply to all programmes. Please check with your school if discounts apply to your programme

2. Students must register for a module to receive a discount on that module.

3. Partial exemptions from components of a module do not qualify for an Exemption discount

4. The maximum discount that is granted per module is 50% of the module fee.

5. The maximum discount that can be received in total for a programme year is 25% of the full tuition fee

6. Discounts do not apply to the student contribution charge


Students with academic approval for an exemption from a module they have previously studied in TU Dublin should contact the Fees & Income Office at studentfees@dit.ie to request a refund if applicable