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Full time Undergraduate Fees

Full-Time Undergraduate Fees

Student fees are made up of two parts:

A.) Student Contribution Charge of €3000

B.) Student Tuition Fees which vary in price based on your programme of study.

All students are required to pay a Student Contribution Charge of €3,000, this fee covers registration, examinations and student services. If you are entering full-time further education or undergraduate higher education in Ireland for the first time and you meet certain nationality and residency requirements, you may be eligible to have tuition fees paid on your behalf by the State under the Free Fees Scheme.

Tuition Fees:

If you have previously attended third level  in Ireland in the past, it is likey that you have already availed of your free tuition fees.  If this is the case you will be liable for tuition fees on top of the Student Contribution charge.  Our Registration Service will fee assess each individual and advise them of the tuition fee due.

It is important to note that students registering after 31st January of year of admission are not eligible to claim Free Fees and will be liable to pay the full tuition fee plus the Student Contribution Charge fee.


Tom has decided to return to full time education as a mature student.  Tom previously studied Construction Management immediately after secondary school for two years but decided to withdraw as he decided it wasn't really what he wanted to do and he went to work.   Tom has now decided to undertake a full time degree in Architectural Technology and wants to find out what his fees will cost him annually.

As Tom has previously studied for two full years before withdrawing he has used two full years of the four year quota the Government provides for Students.

Therefore his fees will be calculated as follows:

Student Contribution Charge 
Student Tuitition Fees 
Total Fees for Year 
1 €3000 €1450 €4,450
2 €3000 €1450 €4,450
3 €3000 n/a €3000
4 €3000 n/a €3000