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Module Selection, Semester 2, 2018/19


Have you decided what classes you’re taking?


Module Selection for Semester 2 will be available from the 25th of February to March the 18th.


By this stage, you will have decided which optional modules you are taking if there are options available on your programme.  For the most part, you will have added them on your web-courses account or advised your school office around your decision.  There is, however, one final piece of homework we need you to complete to ensure your student record is correct.

If you have optional modules on your record we need you to drop the options you’re not taking from your record. This is a small task, but it is exceptionally important so please don’t put it on the back burner, do it immediately so we can accurately record your exam and assignment results and they can be released without delay.

Go to this webpage for all the information you need about how to deselect your optional modules. 

Considering to Defer or Withdraw? If so, please read this article and download the appropriate forms.


Considering Deferring/Withdrawing?  31st of January is a significant date for you


We understand that sometimes you may have second thoughts about your chosen programme, or current circumstances mean you cannot attend this year.


Before making your final decision we suggest speaking to the Careers Service or to our Student Retention Officer both can offer advice on what to do next and help you to make an informed decision.


Below we have outlined financial implications should you decide to withdraw or defer, the key thing to remember is the deadlines detailed below.


If you have decided to defer for this year you must formally advise us of your decision this means filling out the relevant paperwork having it signed and submitting it to Student Services on time.

Please pay close attention to the dates outlined below there are significant financial implications based on the date you decide to defer. 

A €100- administration fee will apply.

Formally defer on or before 31st October 2018

Full fees refunded – less €100 euro administration fee.

For example:  If you have paid €3000- fees for the year you will be reimbursed €2900

Formally defer on or before 31st January 2019

Half fees refunded – less €100 administration fee.

For example:  If you have paid €3000- fees for the year you will be reimbursed €1400 (half your fees, less €100 admin fee)

Formally defer after the 31st January 2019

No refund available.



Similar to deferral there are also implications to withdrawal based on the date you inform us. 

If you have decided to withdraw, you must formally advise us of your decision again this means filling out the relevant paperwork and submitting it to Student Services.

Please pay close attention to the dates outlined below as there are significant financial implications based on the date you decide to withdraw, again a €100- administration fee will apply.

Formally withdraw on or before 31st October 2018

Full fees refunded – less €100 administration fee.

For example:  If you have paid €3000- fees for the year you will be reimbursed €2900

Formally withdraw on or before 31st January 2019

Half fees refunded – less €100 administration fee.

For example:  If you have paid €3000- fees for the year you will be reimbursed €1400 (half your fees, less €100 admin fee)

Formally withdraw after the 31st January 2019

No refund available.


SUSI:  If you have been awarded a SUSI grant and decide to defer or withdraw it is important that you contact SUSI to advise them of your choice so they can rectify your account.

We in the Registration Service and the Student Services Centres will always be happy to help and advise you where we can.



Remember to Register


To register as a TU Dublin student you must access the online registration system using your student ID number and password.   You should then follow the instructions on the system right through to the end and click register.  If you wish to double check your student account or registration status you can login to the registration system at any time using your Student ID and Password. 

There are a few important points to note with regard to registration:

1.  You are not a registered student until you have paid at least half your fees and completed the online registration process.

2.  You can register if you are awaiting your grant decision from SUSI simply add your grant details on the payments page.

3.  If you are having difficulties registering or accessing the system please contact Student Services/Registration Service for support.

4. If you are having financial difficulties and cannot meet the payment deadlines, don't ignore this speak to the Fees and Grants team for advice and support before the close off date.

5. If you have decided to defer/withdraw from your TU Dublin Programme please ensure you complete the formalities around this process by the 31st October. 

Students registering after 31st October will have a €200- late registration penalty applied to their student account.  (please note that if you decide to pay by bank transfer this will take at least 5 working days to reach the TU Dublin account)

*Please note that International Students should present at the International Office or a Student Service Centre to pay their fees in line with the International Fee Policy

Second instalment of fees due by 31st January 2019

Reminder of Fees Deadline


For students who commenced classes in September/October 2018 and who have opted to pay fees in two or more installments the remainder of your fee is due for payment on or before the 31st January 2019.

Students can pay fees quickly and easily using a Debit or Credit card.

Payment Methods

  1. Go online and paying via the online registration portal at Student web registration.
  2. Call the Fees Office at 01-4027500 and pay over the phone or alternatively contact the Student Services/Registration Service


Alternatively, students can pay by bank transfer to our Bank accounts (this will take a minimum of five working days)

Full Time Students:         IBAN:    IE30 AIBK 9310 1218 4114 49                        BIC:        AIBKIE2D

Part-Time Students:        IBAN:    IE87 AIBK 9310 1218 4118 78                        BIC:        AIBKIE2D

Please ensure that you quote your TU Dublin student ID number as a reference if using Bank Transfer as the method of payment.

1.  After 31st January access to services will be removed for students with an outstanding fee.   

2.  Students who have not paid fees in full by the 31st January are liable for a €200- late payment charge. 

3.  Students who have not paid their second instalment will not receive their Semester 1 exam results.

4.  Students will no longer have the option to pay online after 31st Jan so will need to contact our Fees & Income Office directly at (01) 4027500.


Semester 1 Exam Timetables now available


Exam timetables have now been published to the TU Dublin exams website, they are subject to change so we recommend you check and then re-check in advance of your exam for updates.

Before your exam:

Please ensure you have a valid student card to gain access to the venue on the day, you will need your Student ID number, which will also serve as your exam number on the day.  If you have lost or misplaced your card, there is still time to get a replacement card in, please visit one of our three Student Service Centres .

It is important to make sure you read and understand the General Assessment Regulations you should also familiarise yourself with rules around the use of Programmable Calculators in exams if this applies to you.

On the day:

You should arrive in plenty of time so you can get to your seat and get settled before the exam commences, there is strictly no admittance to exams 30 minutes after commencement.  Make sure you have your valid Student ID Card to gain access to the exam venue.

You should not be in possession of a mobile phone/smartwatch during the exam and if you are found to be in possession, it will be confiscated.

After your exams:

Provisional results for exams are expected in early February 2019. Further information on release dates to be posted to the exams website as well as social media nearer the time.   


We wish all of our students the very best of luck for the upcoming exams











Applications now open for LEAD Award 2017/18

lead award 2017/18


We are currently recruiting students for the Lead Award. 

LEAD applications are now open. The form is available from the website at the closing date for applications is Friday the 27th of October.  Students with Successful applications will be called for an interview the first week of November. Lead will begin on Friday the 17th of November. For more information please check out






Exam Results Release for Semester 1 2016/17

Exam results Image


Exam results will be released in the DIT self- service system from Friday 10th February.  When your results have been released you will receive an e-mail from your exams office to your student email account advising you that your results are now available.   

It is important to note that due to operational reasons not all results will be available on the 10th, please click here for details on programmes due to be released after the 10th.

In advance of results being released you may wish to check your pin is working to ensure you can gain prompt access to the system on the release date click here for further information.

Checking your timetable online

Programme timetables instructions


CMIS Go our online timetabling system is available online.

To access the system and locate your timetable follow the five steps belows:

1.        Login at using your DIT student number and email password, you will land on a blank page. 

2.        At the top right of the timetable homepage click on the first icon – ‘toggle timetable list’

3.        Now go to bottom right and click on ‘Add’ – this will give you a drop-down menu

4.        Key in the name of your programme to bring up your timetable, remember if you are in a large group your programme may be separated into groups ,for example Group A, Group B and Group C.  If you are in group A be sure to un-tick the boxes for group B and C so only your timetable is appearing.  

5.        Click save


If you have any difficulty finding your timetable please go to  for visual instructions.


DIT Student Services


Planning for Semester 1 Exams


Planning for Exams

Okay so Halloween is over and it’s back to the grindstone for the next couple of weeks. 

With just a little over a month to go to until semester one exams kick off if you haven’t already got your action plan for study together now is the time to get it done.

Ask yourself the following questions when it comes to planning your study schedule:

1.       Do I have somewhere suitable to study where I won’t be interrupted constantly?

Sitting in an area such as the Kitchen where there may be a high volume of traffic with people coming in and out will hinder your efforts.  


It may be an idea to get out of the house altogether and go to the Library where the environment is much more conducive to studying.  Don’t forget you can use any DIT library but you can also avail of facilities at your local library.


2.       What dates and time can I commit to?

There are lots of different types of students at DIT, some of you work full-time, some have family commitments but most of you will have to schedule some time for exam revision.


Did you know that the most successful people in the world don’t write to-do lists they simply add tasks to their calendar and stick to their schedule. Take a leaf from their book, all students have a very useful online google calendar which comes as part of your student email account this could be used to plan study time.


Take some time to access your calendar and add time to your schedule , if you have given this time to yourself for study you will be less likely to give it away don’t forget to plan some downtime into your schedule this is also really important.


3.       What is my learning style?

Did you know that there are different learning styles and knowing your style can be a big help when planning and carrying out study check out this online quiz to help you find your style.


4.       Have you asked for help or considered Group Study?

If you really don’t understand a topic it might be a good idea to discuss this with your lecturer while you still have a couple of weeks to exams they may be able to offer some good advice on getting to grips with the topic.  Alternatively, you might consider group study maybe some of your peers are really well up on the subject and it may be a good revision tool for them to explain it to you so look into this as a solution if you are stuck.


5.       Don’t Panic…

While exams are coming up pretty soon you still have some time to organise yourself and get working…. Now is the time to do it so get cracking

Graduation Ceremony Spring 2018

Graduation Ceremony Spring 2018


For full detail on the timetable and events of the day please click here