I have accepted my place at DIT - What next?

Registration at DIT


Q1.          I applied via the CAO to DIT, when should I be offered my place at DIT?

Places are offered as follow:

Round 1


Opens 26th August 2016

Round 2


Opens 9th September 2016

Round 3

Opens 15th September 2016


Places will continue to be offered weekly thereafter until programmes are full 

You may have some questions on how to get started, so below you will find some information which we hope will help.

Q.2         I have accepted my place as a DIT Student, what happens next?

Once you have accepted your place you will need to register on your programme.  You will receive your invitation to register by post to the correspondence address you gave to CAO this will normally arrive approximately one week after you have accepted your place. This letter will detail steps to be followed in order to register on-line.  Early registration will mean you have access to the services you need when classes commence. Classes will commence in line with our Academic Calendar on Monday 12th September 2016.  

Q3.          I have applied for a SUSI grant but I don’t have final decision on it, what should I do?

If you have made a grant application you can select the grant option while registering, this will allow you to register in full even if you have not yet received a decision on your grant application. It is important that you follow up on your grant application as it’s up to you to make sure it is processed, log on to www.susi.ie for progress updates.   

Q4.         I’ve registered now, what do I do?

When you have registered the next step is to collect your student identity card and attend your Induction Programme. 

Inductions and the ID card event will take place week commencing 5th September 2016.  Induction entails an informal orientation to your programme.  You will meet your class mates, programme tutor and receive your timetable.  Useful information is given to help you settle into College so it is advisable to attend. 

Click for induction schedule

Click for ID card event schedule

Q3.         What is my timetable?

Timetables are managed locally by each school and will be given to students at induction. Provisional timetables for some programmes may be available online on DIT’s timetabling system (expected to go live 29th August 2016) , if you require further information you should contact your school administrator.

Q4.          I’m registered now and ready to commence class but how will DIT communicate with me in the future?

Your student e-mail address will be included on your invitation to register.   In the future all formal correspondence relating to registration/exams etc will be made with you at your student e-mail address so it is important you set up and check your e-mail regularly. 

If you prefer, you can set up your Student email account so that emails will automatically forward to your personal email account.  For details on how to configure your email account, please see the section “Accessing Student Emails”.    On occasion we may also text you so it's extremely important to ensure you have an upto date mobile number on the system. 

Are there any other communication sources that can keep me up to date?

Our web page www.dit.ie/current students/, is the primary webpage which will direct you to the various student services, there is also a FAQ section to help you with those tricky questions.

Finally, to keep yourself up to date on all the exciting things going on at DIT, friend us on facebook (facebook.com/DIT) and follow us on Twitter (twitter.com/DIT ) and find us on Instagram @ditstudentservices.

Once again we are delighted to welcome you to DIT and we look forward to seeing you in September.

DIT Student Services