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Module Selection, Semester 2, 2018/19


Have you decided what classes you’re taking?


Module Selection for Semester 2 will be available from the 25th of February to March the 18th.


By this stage, you will have decided which optional modules you are taking if there are options available on your programme.  For the most part, you will have added them on your web-courses account or advised your school office around your decision.  There is, however, one final piece of homework we need you to complete to ensure your student record is correct.

If you have optional modules on your record we need you to drop the options you’re not taking from your record. This is a small task, but it is exceptionally important so please don’t put it on the back burner, do it immediately so we can accurately record your exam and assignment results and they can be released without delay.

Go to this webpage for all the information you need about how to deselect your optional modules.