Remember to register

Reminder to Register 2017


To register as a DIT student you must access the online registration system using your student ID number and password.   You should then follow the instructions on the system right through to the end and click register.  If you wish to double check your student account or registration status you can login to the registration system at any time using your Student ID and Password. 

There are a few important points to note with regard to registration:

1.  You are not a registered student until you have paid at least half your fees and completed the online registration process.

2.  You can register if you are awaiting your grant decision from SUSI simply add your grant details on the payments page.

3.  If you are having difficulties registering or accessing the system please contact Student Services/Registration Service for support.

4. If you are having financial difficulties and cannot meet the payment deadlines, don't ignore this speak to the Fees and Grants team for advice and support before the close off date.

5. If you have decided to defer/withdraw from your DIT Programme please ensure you complete the formalities around this process by the 31st October. 

Students registering after 31st October will have a €200- late registration penalty applied to their student account.  (please note that if you decide to pay by bank transfer this will take at least 5 working days to reach the DIT account)

*Please note that International Students should present at the International Office or a Student Service Centre to pay their fees in line with the International Fee Policy