Supplemental Exams (Repeat Exams Aug 2017)

Information for students taking repeat(supplemental) exams in August 2017


If you have been unsuccessful in your Semester 1 or Semester 2 exams, you will have the opportunity to repeat these exams in the (Supplemental) Repeat Exams scheduled to take place in August 2017.

You will normally receive a Supplemental Examination Form in the post along with your Academic Transcripts, the form is also available here . You should complete this form and submit it to your local exams office in advance of supplemental exams. 

The fee for Supplemental Examinations is EUR100 (regardless of the number of exams to be retaken), this payment can be taken by Debit or Credit Card , Bank Draft, Postal Order or Cash Payment. 

Timetables for supplement exams will be posted by end of July 2017 to our website