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Fee Assessment Event




If you are an International Student and have applied for your place through the CAO you will need to attend for Fee Assessment.

Date:     Thursday 6th September 2018

Time      10.00 - 16.00

Venue:   International Student Office,
               Ground Floor 40-50,
               TU Dublin Mountjoy Square, 
               Dublin 1. 


Documentation required: 

. Current GNIB Card

. Civil Partnership or Marriage Certificate if applicable. 

. Current valid passport

. Certificate of Naturalisation

. Tax certificate (P21 x3 for 3 of the last 5 years or self-assessment certificate) 

. Statement from EU School certifying attendance

. Department of Justice & Equality letter confirming residency status in Ireland/EU. 


If you are unable to attend please contact the International Office  01-4023532 or email to arrange an alternative appointment. 


Registration on your programme:

After you have been fee assessed the registration service will contact you in writing regarding how and when you can register on your programme.   

If you do not intend to accept your place with TU Dublin please email and advise us that you will not be taking up your place.  Please quote your name and CAO application number in all correspondence.