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Module Selection - Monday 25th February to Monday 18th March

Spend just a few minutes selecting and/or deselecting your modules online. The self service module event for semester 2 will run for 3 weeks starting Monday 25th February to Monday 18th March. Twice each academic year normally in November and March you are requested to check that the correct modules are on your student record. This ensures that your record is correct and enables your exams/assessment results to be applied to your account promptly and sent to you without any delays. If you have optional modules you will need to deselect options you are not taking. It is your responsibility to ensure the modules on your student account are correct.

You can complete module selection by accessing the TU Dublin Self Service System (you also check your exam results in this system)

You will need your Student ID number (User ID): eg D1234567 and your Password (same password used to register online) to access the system.

If you did not register online your password is defaulted to your six digit date of birth eg:080591, you will be prompted to change this on first login.  You will need to fill out your security questions so you may reset your password if you forget your pin in the future. 

Why do I need to do this?

All TU Dublin programmes contain a number of modules which must be completed each academic year.

The majority of our programmes contain Core Modules only while others contain both Core and Optional Modules

Core Modules 

There is no choice with core modules they must be taken

Optional Modules 

Students can choose from a number of optional modules, as to which is their preference to take

Not all students have module choices but it is wise to check your student record and ensure that the modules on your record are correct. 

If there is a module not appearing on your record you can search it here and add it to your account by adding the CRN (Course Reference Number) to box at the bottom of the self service system page.

If the core modules on your programme are incorrect please contact the registration service/student services for further assistance. 


Module selection normally takes place as follows:

October - for Semester 1 and year long modules

February - for Semester 2 modules 

Note:  January start students will complete their semester one and year long exercise in March and their Semester 2 exercise in November.

Why not check out our FAQ's below on Module Selection. 

Module Selection - Self Service System (Check your modules with this System)

Module Catalogue - (Find The Modules On Your Programme Here)

Module Selection User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions - (Click on the question and the answer pops up)

Each Semester you will receive an email to your TU Dublin student email address asking you to check the modules on your student record.  As soon as you receive this email you will then have access to check, drop or add modules.  It will depend on your programme whether you have a choice of modules that you can take.  Most students do not have a choice so all you have to do is check that all your modules you are taking are on your student record.  For those of you who have a choice, it is advisable to complete the removal or adding of modules as soon as you receive the email as the system is open for a limited period of time. 

If you have a choice of modules (ie optional modules) and you do not remove the modules you are not taking or add the modules you are taking from a different programme (ie elective modules), your name will not appear for exam/continuous assessment results to be entered.  This is likely to cause a delay with your results being made available to you.  Avoid this and go online.


If your programme does not have a choice of the modules ie all your modules are core then our system automatically populates all core modules onto your record so your exam results will be entered and considered and results will be available to you online without any delays.

If you are unsure of which modules to add or remove from your own record, contact us at  

It is always worth asking your programme tutor as they will be familiar with what modules are on offer on your programme and year.

If you cannot find the module you are looking for on the module database, remember you will need the source programme and year the module originates if it is different from the programme you are registered on.  Our module database has details of the modules offered on all our TU Dublin programmes and you can check them out on the database.  Alternatively check with your programme tutor and they should be able to help or contact us at



PIN Related Issues

Your pin may have been disabled for a variety of reasons; examples below

1. If you have outstanding fees for the academic year; if this is the case you need to contact the fees office on 01-2207500 or email and arrange to pay your fees. Once your fees have been paid your pin will be unblocked and you can then access module selection.

2. I have tried to log in but have made too many attempts and now my pin is disabled. You need to contact the registration service at 01-4024663 or email we will re-enable your pin for you.

Student Email Issues

Not necessarily. You should check if Module Selection applies to your programme using the Modularised Programme Search facility. Also, you will only receive the email if you are registered on your programme. If you are not yet registered on your programme, contact the Registration Service immediately. If Module Selection is relevant to your programme and you have not received an email with your PIN, please contact the registration service on 01-4024663 or email

To login to your student email account, go to and login using your Student Number (e.g. C10123456) and your password. Your password for your student email account is your date of birth (e.g. If your date of birth is 2nd March 1991, your password will be 02031991) unless you have already changed your password.

Other Issues

No. At this point, you should be fully registered on your programme of study and you should have received your Student ID card. You are required to check that the correct modules are on your student record. For some students, there may be a number of optional modules which are associated with your programme and you now need to select to populate your record.