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Programme A001/1

Junior and Continuing Education Instrument/Vocal Tuition

Outlined below you will find detail on the various programmes run by the Conservatory of Music & Drama, please click on the programme you are interested in for full detail on how to apply.

Junior and Continuing Education Instrument/Vocal Tuition - Programme A001

Online application for instrumental/vocal tuition opens in January each year and closes on Monday 31 March each year.

Applicants will be called for audition in April/May and will receive an email to indicate the day and time of your audition. There is no audition fee.

Subject to the availability of places, the Conservatory will accept late applications after the 31st March; these applicants will be auditioned in June and may be subject to a late audition fee. Click here to apply

Students are enrolled on a year-by-year basis. On-line re-enrolment commences at the beginning of May, closing on 31st May.

Yearly re-enrolment is subject to satisfactory attendance, progress, application and behaviour. Students may be required to re-apply and re-audition where progress is not satisfactory.

Re-enrolment is subject to the requirement that students are normally expected to complete their current Cycle (Junior, Intermediate, Senior or Advanced) within four academic years of commencing the first grade in that Cycle.

Regular attendance at ensembles is required for students in Orchestral Studies.


All Junior and Continuing Education practical tuition students attend a weekly Musicianship class, to support learning and teaching in the practical lesson. Through these graded classes, students develop a range of core music skills including aural awareness, sight-singing, theoretical understanding, critical listening and appreciation of music. Enrolment for Musicianship grade classes takes place on-line at the beginning of September each year.

For the academic session 2016/17 On-line Enrolment for Musicianship Grade Classes opens at 10.00am on Monday 5th September and will close at 5.00pm on Friday 30th September.  Click here to enrol 

To download a copy of the 201617 Musicianship Class Timetable and a copy of the on-line class enrolment procedures please click: 

Musicianship Timetable

Musicianship online enrolment procedures

Musicianship Enrolment Policy  

Certain students may be exempt from the requirement to take Musicianship. Exemptions are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Click to download a 2016/17 Muscianship Exemption Claim Form 2016/17 



Participation in ensembles is an important way of developing musical communication and of learning and practising performance skills. Junior students in the Orchestral and Vocal Department are assigned to an ensemble, attendance at which is obligatory.

Download a copy of the 201617 Ensembles and Performances guidelines 

Certain students may be exempt from the requirement to participate in an Ensemble. Exemptions are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Click here to download an  2016/17 Ensemble Exemption Application Form 

Our Early Years Music programme emphasizes holistic development whereby each child has the opportunity to nurture and develop musical, physical, conceptual and social skills appropriate to her/his age. Children learn through active music-making. There are three levels of classes:

Kids' Club 1 (for pre-school children);

Kids' Club 2 (for children in Junior Infants);

Pre-Instrumental Classes (for children in Senior Infants, 5–7 years old).

Online application for Kids' Club and Pre-instrumental Classes opens early March, closing at the end of April. Places for Kids' Club and Pre-instrumental classes are offered on a 'first-come, first-served' basis.  Apply here during March and April annually.

New students and re-enrolling students receive, by post, each August an Invitation To Register letter, detailing their registration and fee details for the next academic session. There are three options whereby tuition fees for part-time music tuition can be processed:


Payment methods: 


(i) Full Fees, as due, through our on-line facility at: Register and Pay, using a debit/credit card


(ii) By Bank Transfer (EFT) to our TU Dublin Bank Account; bank account details here:    

Part Time Students: IBAN: IE87 AIBK 9310 1218 4118 78  BIC: AIBKIE2D

Please ensure that you quote your TU Dublin student ID number as a reference if using Bank Transfer as the method of Payment.


(iii) Instalment payments:

The first payment to be made at the end of August and the second at the end of January within the given academic session.

Contact the Student Fees Office at (01) 4027500 or the Conservatory’s Student Services Office at (01) 4023467 to pay the instalment fee as due over the phone, using a debit/credit card. 

Commencement of Tuition

We look forward to welcoming you to the Conservatory

Please refer to the 2016/17 Conservatory Schedule Programme A001 for tuition commencement dates for the academic session

All of the above information is subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Conservatory, in addition to the procedures outlined in the Junior Handbook available to view:

Further information on the Conservatory’s programmes is available at: