DIT Student Services - Self Service APP

Student Services at DIT are delighted to announce the launch of our new self service app, which has been designed by Hugh Mc Atamney - DIT School of Media.

This app will enable students to do the following:

.     Register & Pay - (annually)

.     Select Modules - (each semester)

.     Check the Module Catalogue to identify correct modules - (where necessary)

.     Check examination results (each semester)

The app is currently available to download on your android or apple device.

Why not download this app the easy way, simply open this news item on your phone and click on the link below which will bring you straight to the download screen.  Be sure to click on the link appropriate to your mobile device.

Android Devices



Search it: 

Student Services, Hugh Mc Atamney 

on the Google Play Store 

Apple Devices


Search it:

DIT, Student Services 

on the Apple Store