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Abrasive Wheel Training

Safety in Industry (Abrasive Wheels) Regulations 1982 (SI No. 30/1982)

Correct Selection and Mounting

Duration: 3 hours

Course Trainer: National Safety Centre


Course Objectives:

Carry out the safe selection and mounting of abrasive wheels in accordance with the relevant regulations

Course Content:

  • Regulations overview
  • Accidents
  • Types of Wheels
  • Wheel Markings
  • Wheel Manufacture
  • British Standard Marking System
  • Storage
  • Handling and Transportation
  • Methods of Testing
  • Blotters, Flanges, Locknuts, Mounting and Balancing
  • Wheel Dressing
  • Adjustment of the rest
  • Practical assessments
  • Test Paper

The training involves candidate participation with the emphasis on the practical element of the training