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Building Personal Resilience Workshop

Trainer: Sinead Gaynor

Duration: Half Day


Having attended this workshop, the participants will possess:

  • An understanding of what personal resilience means to them.
  • A toolbox of practical strategies for enhancing their personal resilience and happiness.
  • Coping mechanisms for dealing with stressful situations inside and outside work.

Summary of Content:

  • Understanding personal resilience and how we as human beings react to adversity and challenges.
  • Resilience strategies including:

- Mindfulness   

- Controlling the controllables  

- Albert Elli's ABCDE thinking   

- The gratitude attitude   

- Finding the silver lining   

- Gaining Perspective   

- How to positively affect our mood   

- Circuit breakers for dealing with the build up of stress   

- Boosting self confidence   

- Dealing with criticism and put downs   

- Reaching out