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Change Management  - Managers

Duration - 1 day

Course Trainer: Howard Shaw Training


Course Objectives:

  • Develop increased knowledge of the nature of change and the causes of resistance to change at both organisational and individual levels
  • Develop change management techniques for handling and implementing change processes and creating a positive change environment for staff to engage with changing situations.
  • Be capable of leading the implementation of change in an effective manner
  • Be able to deal with individual and group resistance to change in an effective and constructive manner using influencing and interactive techniques.
  • Develop appropriate Action Plans for dealing with change issues confronting managers in their own work environment


Course Content:

  • Introduction, Objectives Content and Expectations
  • Introduction to Change Management Process

- Concept of change in the current environment                 

- Rate of change today              

- Challenge for managers and Staff in initiating and leading change in organisations                 

- Changes taking place in DIT

- Key issues and obstacles


  • Nature of Change        

- From organisational to individual perspective        

- Types of change - quick fix, tinkering, radical and gradual        

- Structural, social, behavioural change issues        

- Impact of change on organisations and their staff        

- Why people resist and oppose changes - common reasons        

- Primary impact on people of organisational changes        

- Challenging yourself to be open to make personal changes


  • Creating an environment that reduces and overcomes resistance       

- Looking at behaviour patterns       

- The personal change cycle        

- Covey's circles of influence and control        

- Factors managers should address in achieving acceptance of / commitment to changes        

- Manger's position as role model and leader        

- Establishing effective and continuous communication processes        

- Developing trust and confidence        

- Developing a strategy for introducing change        

- Formalising consultation processes in times of change


  • Influencing and negotiating skills for changing other        

- Viewing perspectives and empathy        

- Principles of Moving Skills to influence others

- interactive style        

- Identification of individual interactive styles and their application to managing change


  • Managing Change Workshop         

- Discussion and development of group and individual Action Plan for leading and managing change in DIT from participants' viewpoint and   positions of responsibility


  • Course Review