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"Inside Out Programme"

"Dealing with Change in Challenging Times"

Duration: One Day

Course Trainer: Jerry Kelly, First HRD

Course Objectives:

After this programme the participants will have additional skills, techniques and knowledge to:

  • Look at change as an exciting challenge rather than as an insurmountable obstacle,
  • Seize opportunity and explore the potential offered in change,
  • Look at the big picture, take back control and restore a sense of balance and perspective,
  • Develop a "flexibility" mindset,
  • Manage the key driver of anxiety - unhelpful thoughts,
  • Become more confident, positive and solution focused,
  • Move outside of the comfort zone and embrace realistic optimism,
  • Set goals and targets to chart a way forward.

Course Content:

  • Recognise where you are on the change curve,
  • Address barriers to change and find ways to embrace opportunities
  • Become aware of the "noisy mind" and how it impacts on how we feel and behave,
  • How to re-frame the meaning you apply to issues and events and get your thoughts working for you!
  • Develop a "flexibility mindset" and move away from "rigidity" to change,
  • Focus on strengths and what you need to grow,
  • How to become a realistic optimist and shun pessimism/reckless optimism,
  • Avoid opening the "Angle of misery",
  • Bring back control through building healthy habits and embracing the "imbalance" of work and life,
  • Find life balance between internal and external motivation factors,
  • How to become a solution focused, proactive and an "I can do" person,
  • Overcome the challenge of moving outside the comfort zone and deal effectively with change,
  • Change is inevitable, being stressed by change is not.  How to recognise, cope and effectively manage personal reactions and emotions, such as anxiety and stress,
  • How to set realistic personal and work related goals.