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Dignity at Work - Investigator Training

Duration: 1 Day

Course Trainer: Burtenshaw Kenny & Associates

Course Objectives:

This highly interactive 2 day workshop is designed for Managers and demonstrates how to conduct a workplace investigation in a fair and consistent manner.  Focused on skill development participants will be exercised in all stages of the process to ensure they gain the confidence and knowledge to conduct an investigation in the workplace.  The first day will concentrate on the essential skills needed to conduct Investigations. A second day of training is provided, as needed, when Managers are requested to become part of an Investigation Team.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of attending this workshop participants will:

  • Be able to describe the legal framework of a Workplace Investigation
  • Know how to operate each stage of DIT's Investigation Procedure for different issues
  • Conduct formal Investigations
  • Apply due process during the investigation
  • Be impartial and neutral
  • Use communication and questioning skills to gather relevant evidence
  • Use both analytical and interpersonal skills to review evidence and draw conclusions
  • Gain confidence in operating a procedure from start of investigation to disciplinary hearing
  • Identify the potential pitfalls in conducting workplace investigations
  • Prepare a written report detailing the findings of the investigation
  • Manage the Appeals process

Course Content:

The programme will follow a relevant case study/case studies where the participants are required to prepare for and work through an investigation hearing and the subsequent issues that might arise.  This approach ensures a highly interactive learning process where accelerated learning is applied by the skilled facilitator ensuring all participants are exercised in the various stages of the investigation process.

  • Understanding of Bullying, Harassment, Sexual harassment and Appropriate behaviour in the Workplace
  • A Framework for Conducting Investigations
  • Conducting the Investigation
  • Report Writing
  • Indentifying prejudices to avoid Investigator bias
  • Applying the framework for effective Investigations
  • Dealing with challenges presented in the Investigation
  • Conducting Appeals
  • Addressing investigator concerns