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Giving and Receiving Feedback

Duration: One Day

Trainer: Maura O'Toole, Facilitrain

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the two-way nature of the feedback relationship
  • To appreciate the need for respect in the feedback relationship
  • To be able to describe the different types of feedback
  • To develop an understanding of the importance of feedback to professional development
  • To develop skills in giving and receiving  structured, specific, and constructive feedback
  • To develop effective planning and preparation processed for giving and receiving feedback

Course Content:

  1. Defining Feedback
  2. Establishing the basis for the feedback relationship
  3. Communicating respectfully
  4. Principles of Communications
  5. Tone and Body Language
  6. Communication Barriers to Feedback
  7. Types of feedback
  8. Opportunities for feedback
  9. Giving Effective Feedback
  10. Receiving Feedback Effectively