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Minute Taking

Duration: One Day

Trainer: Tiernan Ivory, Irish Times Training

Course Aim:

This Minute Taking course is designed to introduce participants to best practice in minute taking while ensuring that accurate, succinct, objective and business-like records are maintained.  It will remove the hassle factor and uncertainty from the minute taking process.

Course Benefits:

  • Enhance participants' minute writing skills and develop the full potential of their roles as committee secretaries
  • Prepare and agree agendas with greater confidence
  • Step through the minute taking process
  • Develop the committee secretary's role more fully
  • Clarify the committee's minuting requirements
  • Record, structure, draft and edit minutes more effectively

Course Programme:

  • Role of committee secretary before, during and after meetings
  • Asserting the role and managing expectations
  • Drafting and agreeing agenda items and order of business
  • Developing listening skills for meetings
  • Taking effective notes quickly
  • Writing and editing minutes

Where possible, delegates should bring a sample of minutes they have produced or of the type of minutes they will be expected to produce.