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Report Writing

Trainer: Tiernan Ivory, Irish Times Training

Course Aim:

The aim of this course is to enable participants to produce sharper and shorter reports in less time, that are direct and easily understood by the reader.

Course Benefits:

  • Write and edit reports with greater purpose
  • Approach report writing in a systematic manner
  • Structure documents using a hassle-free scripting process
  • Organise information gathering in a time-efficient and logical manner
  • Prepare reports to withstand hostile readings
  • Edit documents confidently to communicate clear information
  • Plan the report presentation to maximise impact and advertise your professionalism

Course Content:

  • Identifying the principles of effective report writing
  • Planning and clarifying the terms of reference
  • Profiling the target readerships
  • Preparing the process: the writer, the reader and the information
  • Time managing the reporting process
  • Selecting relevant information
  • Organising and sequencing the material
  • Deciding on layout and the most effective use of each report session
  • Differentiating between fact, analysis and opinion
  • Writing clear, concise sentences
  • Developing a reader-friendly writing style
  • Defining and clarifying the purpose of the document
  • Making the most effective use of the report structure
  • Concluding and recommending within the agreed remit
  • Differentiating between fact, analysis and opinion
  • Editing the draft actively
  • Analysing sample reports

Participants should bring sampes of reports they have written or the types of reports they will be expected to produce