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Stress Management

Duration: One Day

Course Trainer: Michael Comyn, The Fearless Organisation

There is a difference between the type of stress that motivates and inspires and that which fatigues and immobilizes.  Professional competence, talent and excellence are no guarantee of immunity against stress.  The increasing pace of change in business can bring tougher competition, failed communications and the real risk of redundancy.  These pressures require careful readjustment and rebalancing to maintain well being and performance.

Many incidences of "work" stress are due to accumulating factors, principally exhausting years of long working hours that have not been adequately balanced.  Success can come with unintended consequences.  Mastering the capacity to rebalance can profoundly alter how you feel now and for the future.  Greater fulfilment and well being are accessible realities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how lifestyles choices can contribute to stress
  • How we can work toward making different choices
  • Develop some techniques to help manage stress right now


  • Dramatic stress reduction, with associated physiological improvements (e.g. blood pressure)
  • Reduce fatigue and burnout
  • Increased clarity, focus, attention span, accuracy and learning ability
  • Increased mental and emotional reserves to respond to immediate challenge


  • Defining Stress and how it affects us
  • The Role of Sleep in Stress Management
  • The Techniques of Coherence and Resilience
  • Course Closes following Q & A Session

The course is suitable for anyone who feels their resilience and strategies for work life balance are stretched