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Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to be more Effective at Work

Duration:1 Day

Trainer: Burtenshaw Kenny Associates

Course Aim:

Working with people in a diverse and challenging environment such as the DIT requires managing personal responses to situations as well as managing interactions and relationships with others.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes:

  • To develop understanding of what EQ is and how it contributes to success.
  • To enable participants to harness their emotions positively for personal and professional success
  • To enable participants to identify personal goals.

Course Content:

Understanding the Emotional Side of Organisational Success The role of emotion in work.  Positive and Negative emotional influences on the work environment and on individual and group performance in work.  .

Learned Optimism for Success Responding well to thrive in a world of accelerating change and uncertainty. .

Emotions and Comlex Decision—making Assessing complex situations and making effective choices.

Developing Trust Building credible relationships to influence. 

Creating the Future while managing the Present

Action Planning Participants identify specific actions for implementing learning Participants identify additional training needs