Papers Series

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Digital Childhoods Working Paper Series (No.1)


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Digital Literacy, Digital Opportunities.
Digital Childhoods Working Paper Series (No.2)


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Social Networking Among Irish 9-16 year olds
Digital Childhoods Working Paper Series (No.3)


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Cyber Bullying among 9- 16 year olds in Ireland

Digital Childhoods Working Paper Series (No.4)


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Final recommendations for policy, methodology and research.
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Recommendations on Safety Initiatives.
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Media literacy and the public sphere: a contextual study for public media literacy promotion in Ireland.
Research funded by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, under the Media Research Funding Scheme 2007.


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Final Report: Critical Media Literacy in Ireland.
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Play and technology for children aged 4-12.
Study commissioned by the Office of the Minister for Children, Government of Ireland.

Books, Chapters
and Journal Articles

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