The Digital Youth Symposium
is a platform for research and

policy discussion on digital strategy for children and
youth in Ireland.

The objective of the Symposium is to help reshape policy in the area of digital opportunities for children and young people by:


  • Contributing to an action plan on digital literacy, inclusion, opportunities and digital safety
  • Engaging industry both in the public and private sector in supporting educational and civil society initiatives
  • Ensuring digital policy reflects best interests of children and young people and that national children’s strategy adequately reflects the importance of digital technologies and communication in their lives

The Symposium is aimed at a diverse audience of stakeholders including researchers, policymakers, industry leaders, educationalists and civil society groups.


During the symposium, experts from research, education and policy will debate how best to reshape policy to support digital opportunities for young people and ensure digital policy reflects their best interests.


The Digital Youth Symposium is hosted by the Digital Childhoods research project at Dublin Institute of Technology, in association with Webwise.ie and EU Kids Online, with support
from the Irish Research Council.