Ethics/research integrity

As researchers and scholars in DIT, it is important to consider the ethical issues that arise, or may arise, in any work which it is proposed to conduct. Increasingly, researchers are also accountable to external bodies and the public to demonstrate that the work carried out follows 'best practice'. 

Accordingly, the Research Ethics Committee was established to formulate ethics policy and procedures for all research and scholarship across DIT, as follows:

  • To provide all DIT researchers and scholars, staff and students, with the resources and "best practice" models for understanding and addressing ethical issues which arise in their research and scholarship.
  • To promote responsible research and scholarship, in all academic and organisational units and in centres/institutes, across DIT. 

It will do this through the drafting of appropriate policies and procedures, and by oversight and monitoring of research practice across the Institute, and by the sponsorship of seminars and similar activities in order to better promote awareness and understanding of research ethics/responsible scholarship.

Watch this slideshow from Dr. Steve Meaney.


Read the National policy statement: 

National policy statement on Ensuring Research Integrity in Ireland.









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