The Digital Skills and Research Hub is a cooperative venture between DIT Library Services and the DIT Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided but please bear in mind that this website has been provided to compile information and does not recommend or suggest one approach over another. We are very keen to tailor this site to the needs of researchers and should you wish to have us make amendments or have suggestions or any form of feedback please contact one of the following:

Yvonne Desmond, Library Systems Development

Kevin O’Rourke, Digital Campus Architect



There are librarians in every DIT library who are willing and able to assist researchers with any queries they may have.

Bill Murphy  Bolton Street  3753 
Diana Mitchell  Teaching & Learning 3728 
Israel Chidavaenzi  Aungier Street 7167 
Julie de Foubert  Kevin Street  4894 
Richard Barrett  Cathal Brugha Street  4535 
Roisin Guilfoyle  Teaching & Learning  3728 
Sarah Anne Kennedy Aungier Street  3266 
Susan Chambers  Grangegorman  4109 

Learning, Teaching & Technology Centre Staff

Frances Boylan LTTC - Aungier Street 7863
Dolores McManus LTTC - Aungier Street 7866 
Claire McAvinia LTTC - Aungier Street 7861 
Pauline Rooney LTTC - Aungier Street 7891 

We gratefully acknowledge the skill and expertise of Trevor Boland for designing our logo and Deirdre Fitzpatrick & Fiachra Mangan who built the website. We are also extremely grateful to Library and LTTC staff who have worked and continue to work on this Hub.

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