Digital commons network

‌The Digital Commons Network Wheel is a graphical interface to the full-text, open access content of hundreds of university repositories world-wide which is free to download and use by the user.  The interface or the wheel is colour coded to represent various disciplines, the broadest discipline being nearest the centre and the sub-disciplines appear as you move towards the periphery. This short video explains how to use the wheel but essentially content is grouped together under the subject and are called commons so for example there is the Engineering commons, the Physics Commons and so on. This allows the user to browse different subject areas, refining the commons as they go always in the knowledge that there will be free, full-text content at the end of his/her search. A user can follow an institution, an author, and popular articles. The Digital Commons Network Wheel is a great way to find out what is being published and downloaded in an area and provides an opportunity to browse and read material of interest. Content is heading towards 2 million items and the Digital Commons Network Wheel is set to become the largest resource of peer-reviewed academic articles available on open access.‌

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