Research and Advisory Services

The Development Technology Research Group  provides research and advisory services in the following areas:

  1. Pilot Projects

    • Demonstration pilot projects to promote concepts & appropriate technologies in urban and rural settings.
    • Awareness programs for public, school children, government and non government officials on the  social and technical aspects of selected technologies.
  2. Capacity Building

    • Curriculum development, short courses and seminars to build technical, economic, social, institutional and environmental knowledge in Resilient Technologies.
    • Basic and Advanced Training programs are developed for  partner organisations in the design, construction, operation and maintenance aspects of selected technologies.
    • Working aids, guidelines and methodological toolboxes are developed for innovative technology transfer programs at community level.
  3. Monitoring & Evaluation

    • Drafting case study reports and conducting systematic appraisal of experience gained.
    • Evaluations of  development programs.
  4. Business Development

    • Carry out feasibility studies for water & sanitation product development.
    • Innovative finance solutions developed for poorer households to enable them to climb the sanitation ladder.
  5. Applied Research Programs

    • Research programs at Masters and Post Doctorate level in the field of water and sanitation and water resource management.