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 Helema Guy (left) and Kula Roba, right, stand with some of their sheep at a Concern Worldwide off-take program in the village of Sidama in the Badasa locality of Northern Kenya, near Marsabit. The Marsabit region used to be known as the bread basket of Kenya. As little as 20 years ago there used to be large areas of forest here and plentiful rain. The landscape today is arid scrubland, where animals now compete with himans for any available water. The water is trucked larged distances from distant water sources. 

On this day in Sidoma, 170 sheep and goats will be bought from local pastorilist farmers, with each receiving 2,000 Kenyan shillings for their animal (about $20). In addition to eth cash injection, the meat from each animal is then given back to the farmer and shared with two other households. Over 510 households will benefit from the enterprise.

Source: Phil Moore, Concern, 2013



 Subsistence Agriculture

Many communities across Africa practice subsistence agriculture. Within a apost climate change environment, the expected rains often fail to materialise, or arrive at unexpected frequencies. This can often lead to crop failures and destruction of entire harvests.










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