Who can participate ? 

The program is open to students and professionals across the disciplines of engineering, architecture, urban planning, science, business, social science, arts, media  etc. Organisations participating within other development challenges (EWB-UK design challenge, etc)  may also enter their submissions for consideration in this design initiative.    


Teams are eligible to participate in the “Where there is no Engineer” undergraduate design initiative  on the provision that they: 

  • Are enrolled in a Level 7 or 8 (Ordinary or Honours Level) degree course in a University or  Institute of Technology in Ireland.  
  • Teams must have a have 2 – 6 members.
  • Individual undergraduate research projects may also be eligible for submission provided they can meet the requirements of the project themes and / or design brief.  



Teams are eligible to participate in the “Where there is no Engineer” professional design initiative  on the provision that: 

  • Postgraduates and professionals can compete within teams either from one or more organisations. Professional teams from one or more companies must nominate a lead organisation.


 How can I participate ? 

  • An introductory lecture / toolbox talk at the start can be provided for all participating organisations. This will provide an introduction to the subject areas, provide a development context for the design initiative and explain how the program will progress. This can be organised by emailing the program coordinators (www.dit.ie/dtc)
  • Teams can elect to work in one specific theme or may select a project which overlaps several themes (For ex, water / food / health). 
  • Teams who are scoping a project can post a question on the discussion board (see below).


How do I register my team ? 

  • Organisations interested in participating can email the program co-ordinator: liam.mccarton@dit.ie with the following details:
  • Name of company / team
  • Abstract comprising a brief (100 word) summary of your proposed project.  


What is the deadline for submissions ?

  • There is no deadline for teams to register their entry.
  • The deadline for submission of final reports is 25th May 2015.

What are the submission requirements ?

Each University,Institute of Technology or Professional Organisation may nominate up to four team submissions for external judging. Each participating team submission should include a design report in the format of a paper (maximum 10 pages) for all text, appendices, figures and references.  

  • Teams are welcome to submit additional supporting material produced over the course of the design initiative (photos, videos, models, laboratory testing etc.).

 As a minimum, each team design submission should include

  • Identify the alternative options considered during the process and a justification for the selected technology, approach and/or process.
  • Provide details of the conceptual design, analysis and final design. Design calculations or an explanation may be included, appropriate to the level of team experience.
  • Identify schedules and detailed implementation costs associated with implementation of the proposed solution.
  • Identify how the proposed solution is appropriate to the social, environmental, economic and cultural context of the community.
  • Provide basic advice on the construction and operation of the design.
  • Outline the details of any external support provided to the design team.
  • Clearly identify how the community can be integrated within the finance, design, construction, operation and maintenance phases of the project.


When is the National Finals Day

The selected teams / individuals within each category will be invited to participate in the National Finals. Finalists will be required to make a 10 minute presentation to a panel of judges

  • Judges are selected by the program co-ordinator who will aim to cover as many different disciplines, professions and backgrounds as possible in order to ensure a fair an efficient judging process.
  • Judges assess entrant’s presentation on the basis of their content, style and the team / individual’s ability to answer questions relating to their proposal.
  • National Finals day will take place in June 2015 (exact date and venue tbc)
  • Entrants are encouraged to be creative in their presentation content and style and presentations will not be limited to powerpoint.  


What is the final award ?

 Davies Group Director Gerry Tobin is sponsoring the award. The winning team will get the opportunity to travel to Kenya to experience life within the comunities concern work with on a daily basis.  




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