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Aidan Duffy B.A., B.A.I., M.B.A., Ph.D.

Lecturer & Centre Manager : Dublin Energy Lab
 current cv :


1994-2001: Worked for a number of consultancies in the areas of building  materials’ durability, low energy building design and comined heat and power design.
2001-2005: Managing Director of Willis Risk Management, a risk management consultancy providing environmental and health and safety services to the construction sector.

Lecturer in the School of Civil & Building Services Engineering, Dublin Institute of Technology.


Academic Qualifications

1990 Primary Degree, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at Trinity College Dublin
1995 PhD, Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, Trinity College Dublin
2004 Masters in Business Administration from the Open University





  • Modelling renewable energy demand and supply systems
  • Life cycle assessment and embodied energy estimation
  • Energy policy

Funded Research Projects:

Sponsor: Private Industry & DIT Research Support Unit

Title:  MPhil funding ‘Shallow Geothermal Heat Storage within Cut-off Walls' Start Date:  January 2009

Sponsor:   Enterprise Ireland, FP7 Proposal Preparation Support for Academic Coordinators Programme

Title:   Preparation of FP7 CONCERTO Application under Energy Theme

Start Date:  April 2008

Sponsor:  European Commission, FP7

Title:   Energy Foresight Network (EFONET)

Start Date:  January 2008

Sponsor:  TSR, Strand III

Title:   Inter-disciplinary 3-year project ‘Energy Policy Research in Domestic Buildings'

Start Date:  January 2007

Sponsor:  Private Industry

Title:  MPhil funding ‘Biomass Supply Chain Configuration and Fuel Quality ' Start Date:   January 2007

Sponsor:  TSR, Strand I

Title:   PhD Funding 'The Measurement of Embodied Energy in Irish Buildings’

Start Date:  November 2006



Refereed Journal Articles & Conference Proceedings

Acquaye, A., Duffy, A. and Basu, B. (2009) Assessing the energy and CO2eq emissions embodied in buildings - towards a sustainable building design methodology in SUE MOT 2009 Conference 22- 24 April 2009, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK. Abstract accepted.

Ayompe, A. and Duffy, A. (2009) Economic and environmental performance analysis of PV systems for domestic applications in Ireland in Engineering Sustainability 2009, April 19-21, 2009 Pittsburgh, PA. Abstract accepted.

Duffy, A (2009) Land Use Planning in Ireland – a Life Cycle Energy and Emissions Analysis of Recent Residential Development in the Greater Dublin Area in International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, accepted for publication January 2009.

Berkeley, C. & Duffy, A (2008) Analysis and optimisation of a wood fuel supply chain in Ireland, Accepted for publication in Proceedings of the 16th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition to be held in Valencia 2-6 June 2008.

Acquaye, A., Duffy, A. and Basu, B. (2007) Comparative embodied energy analysis of steel and concrete structural systems in Ireland in Proceedings of SECOTOX Conference and the International Conference on Environmental Management, Engineering, Planning and Economics (eds. A. Knugolos, K. Aravossis, A. Karagiannidis, P. Samaras). Proceedings of the First Conference on Environmental Management, Engineering, Planning and Economics (CEMPE) held in Skiathos, June 24-28, 2007, 1, pp.347-353

Duffy, A. and Conroy, M. (2007) The Embodied Transport Energy Analysis of Imported Wood Pellets in Energy and Sustainability (eds. C. Brebbia and V. Popov), Proceedings of a Conference held at Wessex Institute of Technology, UK, WIT Press, pp 299-308.

Perry, S. H. and Duffy, A. P. (1997) 'The short-term effects of mortars on salt movement in stone' in Atmospheric Environment, Pergamon, 31.

Duffy, A. P., Cooper, T. P. and Perry, S. H. (1993) Repointing mortars for the conservation of a historic building at Trinity College, Dublin, in Materials and Structures, RILEM, 26, pp 302-306.

Refereed Journal Articles & Conference Proceedings (Submitted)

Walsh, C. & Duffy, A (2009) Assessment of CO2-eq emissions from Bus and Rail Transport in the Greater Dublin Area in Urban Transport 2009 22-24 June 2009, Bologna. Abstract submitted.

Other: Industry Publications & Conference Presentations

Ayompe, L.M., Duffy A., and McCormack, S. (2008) Economic Analysis of Domestic Solar Water Heating Systems in Ireland – Future Trends and Policy Implications in The Challenge of Sustainability 2008 in Dundalk Institute of Technology, June 20th 2008.

Duffy, A. (2008) Embodied Energy in Construction Materials, Timber Sector Training Initiative Seminar held in the RDS, Dublin, 13th March 2008.



Modules delivered on the Civil Engineering (honours) programme: Hydraulics, 3rd year; Theory of Structures, 3rd year; Environmental Engineering, 3rd year;Scheme Design, 4th year;Projects, 4th year


Research:            Currently supervising 4 Phd and 3 MPhil students

Taught:   Lecturer on MSc in Environmental Engineering, School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Queens University Belfast.


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