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Tadhg O'Mahony

‌PhD Researcher



Tadhg O’Mahony, BSc. (Hons.) Environmental Management, Dip. Env Res. Mgmt (DIT)

Tadhg is a full-time Doctoral Researcher at the Futures Academy. His research concerns the use of the Scenarios technique in projecting GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions and developing policy responses in Ireland. He has tutored in Environmental Studies and European Union policy in UCD and DIT. He has been involved in climate and sustainable development policy making at both national and international levels through political, consultancy and NGO work. He has attended United Nations fora on climate change as a government and NGO delegate on a number of occasions. Tadhg has a background in Environmental Management. Having studied it to honours degree level, he spent two years in the private sector as both Environmental Consultant and Environmental Manager before returning to DIT.

Current and recent research activities

PhD in energy emission scenarios

Futures Academy, Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton Street, Dublin 1.

Climate change and energy are strategic areas for national and international policy and research. This doctoral research combines ‘scenario analysis’ and ‘decomposition analysis’ to construct scenarios of energy carbon emissions for Ireland to 2020. Due for completion in early 2010, the aim of this research is to use both qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse the historical pattern in energy carbon emissions, and further to explore plausible alternative developments of emissions through scenarios. This research uses an integration of techniques to construct exploratory baseline scenarios, in an approach not often used in the literature, but documented as an area of key importance. Draft results have been presented at the International Energy Workshop in 2008 in advance of dissertation completion and publications.

Institute of European Affairs (2007) ‘Scenarios of Economic and Social Consequences’

Facilitated an expert group in the development of scenarios of economic and social consequences of climate change as part of a wider research project on climate change in the Institute in 2007. Principal author of the chapter that followed from this research.


  • O' Mahony, T. (2007) The Climate Change Challenge. Strategic issues, options and implications for Ireland. Chapter 7. ‘Scenarios of Economic and Social Consequences’. Institute of International and European Affairs. Blackwell Publishing.
  • O' Mahony, T., Shanks, K., Ratcliffe, J., Sweeney, J. (2008) Scenarios of Irish energy CO2 to 2020. International Energy Workshop 2008. International Energy Agency, Paris, France.


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