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smart grid technology platform

There is a rapid development in the area of Distributed Power Generation Systems (DPGS) based on Renewable Energy Sources (RES) like photovoltaics (PV) and Wind Turbines (WT). Especially for gird connected DPGS an exponential growth in terms of installation power can be observed, mainly due to the subventions given by the governmental policies around the world for clean “green” electricity production.

This PhD project will focus on development of a test bench for clean energy interface equipment, that is, to create a Smart Grid Technology Platform. The platform will integrate PV through an appropriate interface and evaluate its performance, efficiency, power quality and reliability.

The main aims of the project are:

  • To investigate photovoltaic grid integration issues

  • Grid converters structure with control of single and three phase systems

  • Innovative power circuit topologies will be investigated with intelligent power modules, which have higher energy efficiencies even during high switching frequencies
  • Full digital controllers will be designed, Control optimized DSP’s such as dSpace based DSP controllers and TI-C2000 DSP’s will be used to implement the digital control.
  • Investigate the ease of bi-directional power flow, grid control, power quality and anti-islanding aspects of the research challenges as per regulatory guidelines
  • Automation and remote control, distributed web-based monitoring using “sensor-web” would be applied to improve the information quality of remote PV Panels

DIT Personnel

School of Electrical Engineering Systems
Moin Hanif
Dr Malabika Basu