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How to drive energy efficiency behaviour in the domestic sector

The research aims to characterise energy use in the domestic sector currently and employ an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the complex nature of energy behaviour. This approach aims to address the social, cultural, psychological, technical and economic factors involved in domestic energy use behaviour.

The research aims:

  • To characterise energy end use behaviour patterns- to quantify the dynamics of energy consumption
  • To examine energy awareness and the socio-demographic and social psychological determinants of domestic energy behaviour
  • To identify target groups of energy users based on socio-demographic and other psychological variables
  • To develop a methodology for quantifying energy use for specific energy behaviours across these different user groups
  • To characterise thermal comfort expectations (technical, socio-economic, attitudinal)
  • To test and evaluate behavioural intervention strategies and measures to drive energy efficient behaviour

For further information on this project please contact

Rachel Walsh

Dr. Aidan Duffy